Mission Statement

Fire trucks lined upThe mission of the Clinton Township Fire Department is to serve the public by reducing deaths, injuries, and property loss from fires, hazardous material incidents, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and any other crisis.

We strive to achieve this mission through diligent training and state-of-the-art equipment, teamed with dedication and professionalism, while maintaining cost-effective management of public funds.

Our success relies upon a proactive organization that understands that the future will be determined by the use of our most valuable resource... our personnel.

Residential Lock Boxes

The Fire Department would like to inform you of a new program that assists fire personnel with safe and easy access for at-risk residents. A residential lock box can be purchased and installed on your home, which allows firefighters quick and damage-free access to your home. 

For further information, view the Residential Lock Box Program Flyer (PDF) or visit the Roper Residential Lock website.