Trash & Recycling Collection

Resources for Trash & Recycling

Clinton Township’s trash hauler is Green For Life (GFL). For questions and information, call GFL at 844-464-3587.  

All trash, recycling items, and yard waste must be placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m. to ensure pick-up, but no earlier than 6 p.m. of the preceding evening. Use plastic trash bags for rubbish. Plastic bags must be tied and placed into the provided trash cart. To view cart placement guidelines and other information, view the Guidelines for Cart Placement. GFL will not pick up items placed past the sidewalk on private property. All recycling must be placed separate from trash on the opposite side of your driveway. 

Recyclable Items

To order a large recycling cart, call GFL at 866-772-8900. Recycling is an ever-evolving program. For the most accurate information, please view GFL Material Guidelines. Read the latest from GFL about recycling cups and cartons.

Yard Waste & Compost

CLICK HERE to read all about the annual yard waste removal program

Holiday Schedule for Trash Collection

If one of the following observed holidays falls on a weekday, trash collection will occur one day behind for the remainder of the week, with Friday’s collection on Saturday. 

GFL Environmental observes the following holidays:

  • Memorial Day
    No collection, Monday, May 27, 2024. All collections are delayed by one day that week.
  • Independence Day
    No collection, Thursday, July 4, 2024. All collections are delayed by one day that week.
  • Labor Day
    No collection, Monday, September 2, 2024. All collections are delayed by one day that week.
  • Thanksgiving
    No collection, Thursday, November 28, 2024. All Thursday and Friday collections are delayed by one day that week.
  • Christmas
    No collection, Wednesday, December 25, 2024. All collections are delayed by one day that week.
  • New Year’s Day
    No collection, Wednesday, January 1, 2025. All collections are delayed by one day that week.


Call the Clinton Township Department of Public Services at 586-286-9300 for trash collection issues and other questions.

More about Trash Collection

Bulk Items

There is no need to call for a special pick-up of bulk items. Place appliances, furniture, or mattresses out with your regular trash.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes must be flattened and tied together.


Carpeting must be rolled, bundled, and tied in four-foot lengths no heavier than 50 pounds each.

Construction Materials, Rocks, Dirt, Sod, Bricks & Concrete

Construction materials, rocks, dirt, sod, bricks, and concrete are not considered household rubbish and will not be removed by the trash hauler.

Collection Maps

View the Trash Collection Map (PDF). For more detail, this interactive map shows your collection days when you search with your exact address.

Glass and Sharp Objects

Wrap glass and sharp objects in heavy newspaper before disposal. 

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Do not dispose of hazardous materials with your trash. For disposal of household hazardous waste, contact the Macomb County Environmental Health Services Division at 586-469-5236 or email

Latex Paint

Latex paint cans may only be placed at the curb or in the trash cart if the lids are removed and any leftover paint is completely dry. Cat litter or sand may be added to speed up the drying process. Oil-based paint is considered a hazardous material.