Noxious Weeds

Landowner Responsibilities

To all owners of land located in Clinton Township. It shall be the duty of all owners of land on which noxious weeds are growing to destroy the weeds before they reach a height of six inches or re-grow to a height of six inches, and to prevent such noxious weeds from perpetuating themselves. Weeds must be cut no later than May 1 of each year, and as many times as necessary to maintain a height of no more than six inches.

Potential Fines

Failure of any property owner to destroy said noxious weeds by May 1 of each year, and thereafter as necessary, may result in the property owner being subjected to a fine not more than $100 or 90 days in jail and/or both, and will result in the township entering on said premises to destroy said weeds as often as necessary at the expense of the property owner. Said expense will consist of a lien on the property as provided by law.

If the township cuts your property you will be billed $150 for property less than one acre or $300 per acre for property of one acre or more. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Services at 586-286-9300.