Cross Connection Control Program

Attention Backflow Prevention Testers

Beginning Nov. 30, 2021, Clinton Township will accept only backflow preventer test reports submitted via Syncta

Registration with Syncta is free, but submission of test reports is not. Current cost is $9.95 per test. The price is not negotiable and must be paid at the time of submission via debit or credit card by the tester submitting the test results. 

To register, testers must submit all the following information:

Test Kit Information
The tester who will be the assigned user of the test kit, last calibration date, manufacturer, model, serial number, and a PDF copy of the previous calibration.

Tester Information
The tester’s full name, phone number, address, ASSE certification ID number, ASSE cert expiration date, email address.

Testing Company
Company name, complete address, phone number, email address, and a list of testers working under the given company.

Once registered, testers will receive a confirmation email and a temporary password. The Township assumes zero liability for account security or any actions resulting from such. After changing the temporary password and confirming the provided email address, testers can locate the tester portal of Syncta at

Assemblies can be located by their associated address or serial number. The Township suggests using the address, as Syncta will show all backflow preventers to the tester for the given address. 

Testers may opt to have another user submit results on their behalf; however, that individual must also register. Testers may use the Android or iOS app to save and submit tests from the field or, write them down and have another person submit the results into the portal. 

Payment is taken at the time of test report submission. 

Assemblies in need repair or replacement should be saved and noted as such. However, the submission should not occur until passing test results have been obtained.

If Syncta is no longer operable, current ASSE 5110 test forms will be used and either faxed or emailed. All other test forms will be rejected.

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