Conservation Committee

Mission Statement

The Conservation Committee's mission is to actively promote the sustainable use of our natural resources by supporting, promoting, and implementing conservation measures throughout the Township.


  • 5:30 pm
  • 2nd Thursday of each month


  • Michael Keys, Township Trustee, Chair
  • Jason Davidson, Secretary
  • Paul Gieleghem, Township Treasurer
  • Scott Chabot
  • Nicole Dwyer
  • Sihan Hazmic
  • Ryan Liddy
  • Clifford Patton III
  • Daniel Patton
  • Phil Rode
  • Spencer Calhoun
  • John Stroh

Advisory Members

  • Mary Bednar, DPS Director
  • Bruce Thompson, Planning & Community Development Director


  • Chris Bobryk- Clinton River Watershed Council 

Ex-Officio Member

  • Robert Cannon, Township Supervisor