Inclusive Playground Committee

Clinton Township has identified the need to partner with citizens, school districts, service organizations, and advocacy organizations, for the purpose of expanding recreational opportunities for all persons in Clinton Township.  Further by making a commitment to inclusive play we provide not only persons with a disability but their families (regardless of age) and our entire community with recreational and social growth opportunities.  


  • AnnMarie Ottoy, Chair
  • Justin Michalak, Vice Chair
  • Paul Gieleghem, Township Treasurer
  • Kenneth Pearl Township Trustee
  • Joie West, Township Trustee
  • Terri Nekoogar
  • Martina Pardue
  • Paul Sassin
  • Kelly Spagnuolo
  • Lisa Valerio-Nowc
  • Marilyn Wittstock

Ex-Officio Members

  • Mary Bednar, Director, Department. Public Services
  • Stephanie Mittelstedt, Administrative Assistant

Clinton Township Inclusive Playground

Inclusive Playground
Inclusive Playground
Clinton Township
Phase 1
Inclusive Playground
Inclusive Playground