Sanitary Sewer Sub Committee

The purpose of the Sanitary Sewer Sub Committee is to fulfill requirements in Ordinance 1022.02(b), where sidewalks have been ordered to be installed. Duties also include appeals from orders for repair or replacement under Ordinance 1022.11(b).


  • Mary Bednar, Director, Department. Public Services
  • Chuck Bellmore, Assistant Superintendent, Water and Sewer
  • Robert Cannon, Township Supervisor
  • Mary Hein, Finance Director
  • Mike Keys, Township Trustee (first alternate)
  • Kim Meltzer, Township Clerk
  • Tammy T. Patton, Township Trustee

Alternate Consultants

  • Jack Dolan, Township Attorney
  • Anderson, Eckstein, and Westrick, Inc. Engineering Firm