Tomlinson Arboretum

Arboretum park bench under tree

The Tomlinson Arboretum, with entrances off Romeo Plank Rd., south of Canal, and at the end of 18 Mile Rd. east, consists of approximately 24 acres of land nestled between several subdivisions.

Donations and grants have funded the planting of hundreds of Michigan native trees, wildflowers, and shrubs, and residents and visitors are encouraged to purchase trees as a tribute or memorial. In addition, buying a tree enables the arboretum to plant more trees for the future.

An arboretum is dynamic, and each time a person visits, they will notice a change, however slight. Years from now, the oaks, maples, pines, and tulip trees will be close to one hundred feet tall. Eventually, the 50 sugar maple trees will be large enough to allow sap collection to make maple syrup.

Throughout the arboretum is a meandering bike and footpath and a stream flows through the western section. Wildlife and wildflowers abound throughout the Tomlinson Arboretum. Its beauty will only improve with time.

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