Establishing Quality Roads 

Establishing Quality Roads LogoEstablishing quality roadways is a Clinton Township strategic initiative that began with assembling a committee of experts and stakeholders to tackle the issues associated with the deplorable condition of our roads. The Establishing Quality Roads (EQR) Committee (listed below) is comprised of policymakers, residents, business representatives, Township directors, and subject matter experts representing road agencies. 

Paul Gieleghem, Committee Chair, and Township Treasurer, has toured the County with a presentation detailing the road challenges facing our community and how you can help fix Clinton Township roads. To see the presentation, click the Establishing Quality Roads sign or see the presentation below.

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Establishing Quality Roads Committee

  • Paul Gieleghem, Chair & Township Treasurer
  • Mary Bednar, Director of Public Services
  • Chuck Bellmore, Water & Sewer Assistant Superintendent
  • Steve Brudzinski, SEMCOG
  • Scott Chabot, AEW
  • Carolyn DeMates, Deputy Treasurer
  • Magda DiFranco, GIS Specialist
  • Eric Dimoff, Macomb County Dept. of Roads
  • Tim Duncan, Fire Chief
  • Mary Hein, Finance Director
  • Kerry Jantz, Parkway Christian
  • Julie Matuzak, Macomb County Commissioner
  • Dave Merrill, Pahoa Express
EQR Slide Presentation LINK to PDF

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