Food Trucks

Food Trucks Licensing & Location of Food Trucks

The Food Trucks Licensing & Location of Food Trucks ordinance ensures the health, safety, and welfare of the public, truck occupants, customers, and buildings nearby. There are two different types of permits issued related to food trucks. It is the responsibility of the food truck operator and the person contracting with the food truck to understand and comply with these rules:

Food truck approval – Each food truck requires an annual license which will be issued to the owner/operator following the completion of an application and successful completion of a safety inspection. The safety inspection covers items related to fire safety that are not covered by the Macomb County Health Department.

Site Approval – In order for a food truck to locate on a site, the site owner/owner’s agent must apply for a permit for the site to host the food truck for a defined period. The site plan review is intended to ensure that a proper distance is kept from buildings, that required parking and passage lanes are not compromised, and that customers will have safe access to the truck. A food truck cannot operate in locations without an approved Location of Food Truck permit per the ordinance.

A food truck owner/operator should be certain that the land owner/owner’s agent has received a site approval permit prior to locating on site. A land owner/owner’s agent should ensure that a food truck owner/operator has the appropriate food truck license prior to allowing them access.

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