How are my property taxes calculated?

Your property tax amount is determined by multiplying your Taxable Value by the millage rate.


Millage rate totals will vary depending on which school district your property is located within. There are five school districts operating wholly or partially within Clinton Township:

  • Chippewa Valley
  • L'anse Creuse
  • Clintondale
  • Fraser
  • Mt. Clemens

Therefore it is possible for two properties to have the same Taxable Value but a different property tax amount because they are in different school districts and are subject to different millages.

Other Items

Other amounts may appear on your tax bill but they are not taxes and are not calculated using your Taxable Value. These items may include:

  • Special Assessments
  • Street Light Charges
  • Delinquent Water
  • Weed Cutting Bills

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