Kim Meltzer

Board of Trustees
Title: Township Clerk
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Kim Meltzer, Township Clerk

Kim Meltzer grew up in Marysville, Michigan, and graduated from Marysville High School. Always involved in various sports, Kim focused most of her athletic abilities in the area of figure skating. Kim participated in many competitions in the U.S. and Canada before registering with the USFSA -United States Figure Skating Association as a professional figure skating instructor. Kim also trained to become a personal fitness instructor and worked with both youth and seniors training in fitness-specific sports.

Kim has a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Wayne State University but did not pursue this degree until after she gave birth to her three children. She enjoys learning and believes it is never too late to learn. Kim was influenced to study the political arena by her children. She wanted to participate in making the community they grew up in, a better place.

Kim and her husband, Clarence own and operate a manufacturing company in Macomb County and employ Macomb County residents. Kim is passionate about manufacturing and advocates for it at every opportunity, saying, "in order for the great State of Michigan to rebound economically, we must manufacture."


Kim began her political service in 2000 when she won her first election as Trustee to the Clinton Twp. Board of Trustees. Kim served one term and ran for the State House of Representatives where she served two terms before being elected to the position of Clinton Twp. Clerk in 2012.

While a state representative Kim served as vice-chair of Tax Policy, Commerce, Urban Policy and was vice-chair of the Committee on Ethics and Elections. With her experience as a job provider and her focus on job creation, Kim advocated for policies that would bring manufacturing back to Michigan. Kim also received much recognition for her accomplishments with the Macomb Food Pantry and Michigan Legislative Anti-Hunger Caucus. As Clerk Kim will continue to support programs that will help Clinton Twp. residents eradicate hunger.

Kim is grateful for your confidence in her ability to lead as your Clinton Twp. Clerk and is committed to lead with integrity and efficiency.


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